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The Flip Side - June 2021

Jun 16th 2021

The Flip Side….
We spend so much time focusing on the FRONT of our quilts that sometimes we just are exhausted by the time we reach the back! But it’s a good idea to keep the BACK of the quilt in mind when we are ready to finish it off.

Before you select a fabric for the back of your quilt, consider a few things. Our pieced tops and batting are stretchy and not very stable. The backing can help provide the stability you need for a great result.

We’ve spent a lot of money on the perfect fabrics for our quilt top but when faced with the prospect of buying even more yards of fabric for the back of the quilt, we tend to think “It’s just the back; who cares what it looks like?” and we buy the cheapest yardage we can find and call it good.

While this thriftiness is great for our wallets, it’s not always so great for our quilts. That doesn’t mean you need to get the most expensive fabric, but a good, strong fabric with a firm weave can add years of wear to your finished quilt. Plus, it will also add to the stability and straightness of the finished quilt.

Ask yourself…

How much more piecing do you want to do? A 44’’ fabric back isn’t enough to cover most quilts. Piecing the back of a quilt isn’t nearly as fun as the front. Consider using a 108’’ wide back or even a 90’’ wide cuddle minky fabric!
No matter what fabric you choose, make sure you have at least 3’’ all the way around. Trying to skimp won’t make it easy for the quilter and they may not have enough to load your quilt! Be generous!
If you do choose to piece your back, make sure you trim off the selvedge edges. They are woven much more tightly than the rest of the fabric and can affect the tension of your finished quilt.
Square your back! A back that is cut crooked is hard to use and can lead to a quilt that doesn’t lay as flat or square as we would like. Good news! If you give us plenty of extra fabric, if it’s a little “off” we can square it for you if needed
We have wide back fabric and wide back cuddle minky in the shop!
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