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*In-store Quilting
*Mail-in Quilting
*Quick Turnaround
*Five-star Service 
Bags of Quilts

Our team of professional quilters offer high quality edge to edge quilt finishing. Standard turn around is just 2 weeks.

Pricing starts at 1.8 cents per square inch on "Fabulous Favorites" patterns.  

Upgrade to any of our standard quilt designs starting at 2 cents per square inch  
Add on high quality batting - 80/20, polyester, wool, bamboo, 100% cotton and more.
Add on binding services
Add on shipping options
We can even accommodate quilting around buttons, applique' or special fabrics.  

Our industrial quality INNOVA longarms can quilt almost anything!   We have no issues with denim, applique' or even embroidery!  Our quilters use our computerized INNOVAs to produce high quality results.  Regardless of where you live, our services are top notch!

We take extra precautions to ensure your quilt is done well. If a job is worth is worth doing well. 

For more details about Mail-In Quilting Services, please click here.


Quilters Dream 100% Cotton batting - Deluxe 96  BY THE INCH
Batting is available by the inch!  We carry 100% Cotton, 80/20, Polyester, Wool, bleached and black in 80/20, Quilters Dream 100% Cotton and bamboo. 
We are happy to use your batting.  Please make sure it is at least 6" larger than your quilt top.
Backing fabric is available.  We carry the largest selection of 108" wideback fabric.   You save 10% on the fabric we use on your quilt!
We are happy to use your backing.  Please make sure it is at least 6" larger than your quilt top.


Binding for available for 15 cents per inch.  
Two options:
*Finished with bias cut, single fold machine binding 
*One side of pre-made binding sewn on for you to hand finish.
Need us to go around an applique' or pocket?  Have buttons or other accent items that can't be sewn through?  We can "mask" around items for $5 per mask.

The density of quilting is a compromise between two goals: Quilt Softness

Most quilts have enough seams that standard quilting is a good option
.  We can quilt as loosely or as densely as you would like.
Quilters are paid based on the amount of work they do.  A very dense pattern takes more time, so there is a slight upcharge of 1/4 penny per inch.   We can let you know if your chosen density will require an upcharge.

Plus 1 is the most popular option.



We have thousands of patterns!
* If you want us to use a pattern that we don't have, we can order it for you! (urban elementz, anne bright, sweet dreams quilt studio and more)

* Request your favorite pattern and size to saved to your file for easy repeat quilt services!

To figure your total quilting cost:
use our form or 

length x width x $ rate = quilting fee
plus batting, backing, binding and extra services


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