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Longarm Sewing Machine Needles- Which One Do I Need?

Jul 14th 2020

We understand that matching the right needle style for your INNOVA longarm machine can be confusing! There are so many different needles available. 134 MR DPx5 FFG/SES There are so many numbers and codes that it can be tough to remember which needle is the one you need!

Regardless of project or thread type, we highly recommend Groz Beckert needles- they are a quality, long-lasting needle that produces an excellent stitch. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can always find the product that you are looking for! Groz-Beckert Longarm Needles are specifically made for multi-directional use, which is exactly what INNOVA longarm machines need. Multi-directional design means more accurate stitching while moving the machine in any direction. Extra strength allows maximum flexibility and bending. The deep scarf prevents skipped stitches, less puckering, and less thread breakage.

Why do they have so many different designations on the package? Different needle manufacturers use different specifications for the same Groz Beckert lists all of the information that corresponds to that particular needle.

SYSTEM DESIGNATION (what machine will this work with)

The type of machine that your needle will work with is on the upper left side of the package.

The 'MR' style designates the needle as Multi-directional, also called a Specialty Application Needle or SAN.

INNOVA longarm quilters need to look for 134MR - DP x 5 MR and 1955 MR are different ways to express the same system needle.So don't worry about seeing different codes, they all mean the same thing - that this needle is designed to work with INNOVA longarms.

Some people ask if they can use another needle system- you may see 135MR, but that's not the same. The only needle system that is compatible with INNOVA is 134MR.


On the upper right side of the package is the size designation. The sample package above is Nm 110/18 4.0 It's just 3 ways to say the same thing.

*Many longarm quilters usually look at the upper right number (18, in this case) , it ranges from 14-21 and 4.0 is just another way to see the size. Some sizes are listed below

90/14 = 3.0 100/16 = 3.5 110/18 = 4.0 120/19 = 4.5

So how do you know what size you need for your project?

If you are working with a fine, thin thread like 100 wt Silk or a 60 wt thread like Bottom line, you might want to us a #14 or #16 needle

If you are using a thicker 40 wt thread like Omni or Fantastico, an #18 needle is a better option.

18 is a good overall, general sized needle.

TITANIUM vs Regular

Do I really need a titanium needle? What makes them so much better?

Titanium-coated needles will have GEBEDUR designation. They will last much longer than standard nickel plated or chrome-plated needles thanks to its excellent abrasion-resistance. GEBEDUR® stands for Groz-Beckert needles with titanium nitride coating. The titanium nitride coating on the surface is extremely hard so the needle is extremely well protected against damage and wear, especially at the point of the needle. Titanium nitride is twice as hard as chrome and 2,5 times harder than hardened steel. This means they last SIGNIFICANTLY longer than a standard steel needle and have less wear and less unwanted flex.


Point styles allow you to have the perfect needle for everything from the finest fabric to the thickest leather. FFG is our favorite in the shop. FFG is a light ball point that works well on most fabrics. RS is a Round Sharp point. R is a Regular Round point....also good for a wide variety of fabrics. RG is a Round Point with a slightly rounded tip. Works well for knitted and embroidery.

If you want to order needles that you are SURE will work with your Innova Longarm, see below for links to sizes in stock

All of our needles are Titanium(GEBEDUR) and 134MR (INNOVA)

Groz Beckert size 14- recommended for lighter threads only

Groz Beckert size 16- good for medium to light threads

Groz Beckert size 18- good for general use

If your package looks a little different, THAT'S OKAY! Just look for the correct Needle System (134 MR) and the point style and size you need!

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