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Grease...Not Just A Classic Movie!

Jul 30th 2020

Syringe with Grease for Sewing Machine MaintenanceMany people have been asking us about INNOVA's grease syringe and how to grease their INNOVA longarm.

It's actually pretty simple! This is something that YOU can do! There is no need to schedule a tech visit for this.

Greasing the internal components of your INNOVA is part of the routine yearly maintenance, not part of the daily maintenance. Daily services include cleaning the bobbin case area and including a drop of oil on the bobbin hook. Grease is a different service. It only needs to be checked occasionally and then serviced as needed.

Watch the video to see the exact places to check. These are metal places that are subject to friction and movement, but since they are built to INNOVA's industrial standard, they will not overheat or warp....and it's easy to check yearly.
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