Changing your tension assembly

Posted by Renae Haddadin on 6/10/2014
Many INNOVA longarm machine owners have asked for more information.....about EVERYTHING. So I am making a series of videos. They will be added to the site under RESOURCES. Check back often, they are ever

center your canvas leaders

Posted by Renae Haddadin on 6/7/2014
Are you quilting a parallelogram rather than a rectangle when quilting on your longarm machine? This is such a common problem that is SO EASY to fix.  Watch this video to see how 3 minutes of work can offer improve quilting forever.

3-day Boot Camp was AWESOME!

Posted by renae haddadin on 5/21/2014
What a great time with new INNOVA owners! At the Quilts on the Corner we had 5 new owners for 3 days straight. What talent they have! They quilted a pantograph like pros, they changed thread, learned INNOVA mechanics and quilted without wilting.

Fill'er Up! background quilting designs

Posted by Administrator on 8/12/2013 has been 4 months since adding to this blog. Boy does life go crazy!! However, I am thrilled to share about my new book I published with AQS. It is called Fill'er Up. It is all about background fillers.

AQS coverage of BEST OF SHOW

Posted by Renae Haddadin on 4/26/2013
All I can say is WOW!!! It has been a whirlwind week. I got a phone call on Sunday from Meredith Schroeder at AQS asking if I would be attending the

Marking on dark fabric

Posted by Administrator on 4/8/2013
Marking on dark fabric can be a problem....unless you have clover's marking pen.

How I use the Steady Edge

Posted by renae haddadin on 3/21/2013
Many people have asked why I like the Steady Edge Ruler that I created. I made a video to show how I use the tool.
I love using the Steady Edge in many ways.  It is great for straight line SID or crosshatching.  It works well for curves and curved crosshatching.  The third way I use the tool is to guide the longarm hopping foot slowly and carefully around any applique or odd shape.
You can find the 7" tool here in the store. 

Inset Freestanding Lace

Posted by Renae Haddadin on 3/11/2013

In my last blog I shared some photos of the quilt I made for Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative in 2011 and a miniature quilt that I entered in various shows around the country that included Free Standing Lace as insets.  In today's blog I have a photo tutorial of how I made that lace insert.  First I found an appropriate design. 

 It is important that you do not choose.....

Sprint for the finish

Posted by Renae Haddadin on 2/26/2013
There are some women I really admire. My mom is one! She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's several years ago. Last week she volunteered to participate in an Alzheimer's study again (knowing that it hurts a lot because she did one last year) because she wants to help end Alzheimer's.  Here she is holding the wedding dress she made in celebration of her 59th anniversary. She was crushed when they said her disease had progressed too far for her to participate....crushed because she hadn't realized the progression AND because she cannot help.  Another woman I admire is Ami Sims.  Here mother suffered with Alzheimer's and so she did something about it!  She founded AAQI , and then got a bunch of her quilty friends to help.  She has championed a great cause because she cared!  I am honored to be invited again to participate in.....

Livin' it up in Lancaster

Posted by Renae on 2/7/2013
If you want to see charming brick two story houses this is the place!  If you want an intimate gathering of longarm quilters.....

Where quilting and running meet

Posted by Renae on 1/28/2013
Hard to believe that a run in this kind of snow storm could be awesome.....but it was! Here in SLC, UT we have had the nations worst air quality for quite a bit of January. I went to Road 2CA quilt show last week in Ontario, CA and joked about going to LA to breathe some clean air. You can read about our air here .  Because of the bad air and then being out

PantoVision....its about time! Come try it out!

Posted by Administrator on 1/22/2013
Back in December we set up our 18" Innova in the front of the store and made it available for rent.  I purchased PantoVision for renter to use or anyone to test drive.  We were so busy with the Christmas rush of T-shirt quilts that we just couldn't seem to get it all set up.  Finally we got the windows tablet we needed.  The next day we had an unwanted visitor in the store who thought our tablet looked pretty good and the rascal absconded with it.  So after ordering security cameras, and another tablet, we are finally UP AND RUNNING ;).  PantoVision is VERY cool.  So come on in and try it. 
By the way....pretty cool wall of thread in the background huh?

New Blog Post

Posted by on 1/11/2013